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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Topic Proposal Issues
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Message 136 of 517 (303784)
04-13-2006 7:18 AM
Reply to: Message 135 by EZscience
04-13-2006 6:43 AM

Re: Evolution in a nutshell
I would be loathe to promote a thread which esentially has 3 seperate opening posts in it. Gregor has provided one interesting analysis of entropy's role in evolution and seperate accounts of 2 differnt computational/ mathematical approaches which reflect the power of random factors to generate information. Any of these might eventually be a workable topic but togther as they are they just produce an overly broad and unfocused topic.
If Gregor were to focus on one of these, especially his message 6 as I think there is a very suitable topic there, it could be promoted but as it is the impetus needs to be from Gregor to narrow down his focus if an OP is to emerge. Gaining his contribution to the site could be just as, if not more, readily achieved by his actually posting on something other than his own PNT thread.
A change in title might help but on its own presents no sort of remedy.

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Message 152 of 517 (312369)
05-16-2006 9:23 AM
Reply to: Message 151 by Quetzal
05-16-2006 9:02 AM

Re: IRH Beneficial Mutation Topic
Your wish is my command.

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 Message 151 by Quetzal, posted 05-16-2006 9:02 AM Quetzal has not replied

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