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Author Topic:   Thread Reopen Requests 2
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Message 124 of 124 (832777)
05-10-2018 9:30 AM
Reply to: Message 123 by Stile
05-10-2018 9:23 AM

Re: Resetting "Summation" to have new start for 1 summation message each
Hi Stile! Sorry about the confusion. We admins were all attempting to do the same thing a different way! I think I have it all sorted out.

Im still not sure exactly how summation mode works, but I have stopped monkeying with it and hope that it works ok for you (and others) now. It seems that topics around EvC are not quite as moderated and disciplined as they used to be----we kinda just let them run their course since we no longer have a 300 post limit due to newer software changes.

As administrator, I was attempting to give Evolution: We Have The Fossils yada yada yada a break, but we decided to let it settle into summation...I'm still trying to figure out the exact method for the settings.

These days, any topic is bound to become a hot one full of dialogue unrelated to the original post. Hopefully I (we) can keep the runaway trains on the tracks at least.

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 Message 123 by Stile, posted 05-10-2018 9:23 AM Stile has acknowledged this reply

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