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Author Topic:   Thread Reopen Requests
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Message 78 of 305 (75161)
12-26-2003 12:26 AM
Reply to: Message 76 by Adminnemooseus
12-15-2003 12:21 AM

Re: The Roman Church and Evolution
This is in reference to the topic on the Roman Catholic Church and Evolution. It is under the Miscelleneous Issues heading. I feel it was closed too early. While various topics have been opened up to examine certain issues under this subject (i.e: Pope John Paul's Pontifical Address to the Papal Academy of Sciences) I feel this particular topic would have been helpful in making general observations on the issue rather than focusing in on particular speeches or encyclicals which would simply bog down this topic. I respectfully ask that you consider opening it back up for some questions were raised that I did not have the opportunity to answer.
(Also could you explain how to highlight direct quotes in my replies as some other individuals do).
{Note: In response to this message, the topic in question, " The Roman Catholic Church and Evolution" was reopened on 12/26/03. "Pope John Paul II address to the Papal Academy of Sciences" also continues to be open. - Adminnemooseus}
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