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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Thread Reopen Requests
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Message 203 of 305 (199377)
04-14-2005 4:00 PM
Reply to: Message 202 by arachnophilia
04-13-2005 9:45 PM

Note where the Admin suggests a new Thread, but what happens when
one side is suffering from a PERSECUTION COMPLEX ??? I am not trying to make a point as much as I'm venting. Thread management doesn't make sense at the Forum Originators or Authorized users may post REPLY but heaven for offend that you be given the power to delete. Where a debated ITEM is advantaged in only a single side discussing the an actual point DOES IT mean that there's a need to close that Thread ? How about when one side is underrepresented ? One of the Admin suggests a "start fresh" ? At this (web)site F lores-M an Is there an ever a brief public notice issued by the Admin Moderator or original author demanding that the underrepresent ones get in a word or this that too much to expect ? Oh, when will they ever have a brief public notice asking or informing that side of that ? Obviously this IS NOT A FORUM Having a general call-out don't make sense. What to do with the hit and run crowd where a statement lacks any point to it (e.g.- Evolution is a MYTH) Is that what matters (a declaration) without adding to the back and forth? It's that point loudmouth makes. Hit and run without addressing anything. A "faith" declartion BELONGS just not everywhere. I hope that all of us have not discouraged you by everyone attempt in dissuading you If only I could open this up to a more General issue here. IMP the more religous amoung us are not respected ONLY due to their refusal to address specifics and by this act moving a thread along. Surfing the Web you hear a lot of: "They [Fundementalists] seems to never do their homework" I don't know how to mention this in a way that doesn't sound harse towards Creations and Fundementalists Nothing speaks to this like an open discussion about F lore M an In a current discussion, from the island of F lores :Authoritative citing from people on the ground or experts could never hurt Example, "Michael (Australian team leader) has said concerning F lores M an, "[Man didn't produce (manufacture) the tools at the dig sites] In the absence of such evidence, we conclude H. floresiensis made the associated stone artefacts. Morwood continues, they [Flores Man] must have hunted cooperatively to bring down the pygmy elephants Similarly a paper is discussed about Morwood, M.J., and A. Raza Fission track age of stone tools and fossils on-the Indonesian island of Flores. Nature 392 Vol".' There are naturally going to be a sort of framework from. a Scientific Journal While no body is listening YOUR telling people to flee from the destruction U know I didn't even care Hey, Some of us just get our kicks from a debate (debating alone) It's like the Lyrics from the 80s might be in order Tryin' 2 run from the destruction U know I didn't even care 'Cuz they say two thousand zero zero party over Oops out of time So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999
(Creations this is to you If you want someone to try and under-stand your position, & if somebody is not necessarily agree with it, that doesn't mean we are insulting your inteligence How can anyone demand that the underrepresent side be included too See here, I for one hope you aren't so badly treated online (www) that you are often considered to be the handicapped person (mentally handicap)The whole, : STOP, I live here . . . Look, In a word, what's your point of having a forum if just half the people show up ???
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