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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Thread Reopen Requests
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04-19-2005 4:17 AM

Unnecessary, but ...
I wanted to add a link
http://EvC Forum: Abiogenesis - Or Better Living Through Chemistry -->EvC Forum: Abiogenesis - Or Better Living Through Chemistry
(thread of an exposition by Quetzal about abiogenesis)
to thread
EvC Forum: Abiogenesis
(a later question about the current state of abiogenesis)
Found these two while searching... the question really could be answered easily by referring to the previous thread.
But I couldn't add the link (as a reply to the first post) because the thread is closed.
By the way Quetzal if you read this, thanks for posting the original exposition. I'm looking forward to reading it more thoroughly.
P.S. It seems strange to me to close threads permanently (except for those continued via other threads). If older threads really are intended to be archives, then they should be left open to allow others to respond freely. Maybe threads should just be closed temporarily? Anyhoo.

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