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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Thread Reopen Requests
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01-04-2007 1:27 AM

Who put the "u" in us?
Dearest Adminnemooseus:
First, your reason for edit (in orange text) clearly states that it was only a suggestion. I looked up "suggestion" in one of my dictionaries and it said "an offering for consideration." That is how it was received. In all fairness, I believe you created the stink. But, I'm willing to let that go.
Second, your method(s) of suggesting a change amounted to stepping all over my original post, even if it only altered the appearance of the post itself. I'm sure that there were several other methods at your disposal, which would have accomplished your aims without becoming an abuse of your authority.
Third, I can understand that titles should reflect the content of the thread. But, I'm sure you can understand that some writers actually rely upon a bit of flair and artistic license, as it were, to attract responses. When you nitpick the wording, not only do you kill the spirit of the thread as it is developing, you also undermine the value of the forum itself. If you recall, AdminPhat didn't seem to have a problem with the title. In fact, he went along with the catch. Now, I'm almost sorry he put it under bible study.
As per your request, though. I would like to suggest "Censorship at its Finest" in an attempt to characterize the nobility in the decisions that must have gone into writing Page One of Genesis with such an obvious inconsistency that careful musings would have undoubtedly been the expected result. If that isn't to your liking then I would be at a loss. But, then I would politely ask you to leave it the way it was, and kindly reopen it.

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