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Author Topic:   Thread Reopen Requests
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12-06-2004 7:29 AM

Adminnemooseus writes in Messge 2 of Clarification for bencip19:
I must assume that the above was intended to be a reply to a message in the What will become of marriage? topic.
No, please don't. You'd be wrong. It was a reply to Message 299 of the "Harm in Homosexuality?" thread.
Rrhain seems to have hit the "Post New Topic" button when he should have been using the "Little Red Arrow" reply button, to reply to a specific message.
You will note that bencip19's post is #299 in the thread. He asked me a direct question but the thread had been closed. Rather than reopen it just for a single post, I decided to post it in a separate thread.
He hasn't deigned to respond, so I'm not asking for it to be reopened. I'm just pointing out that I'm not stupid. I know how the board works. I handily admit that I probably should have provided a link back to bencip19's post, but I was pretty sure that he would remember what it was he asked of me. It was, after all, his question.


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 Message 129 by Adminnemooseus, posted 12-06-2004 2:36 PM Rrhain has not replied

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