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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Thread Reopen Requests
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Message 301 of 305 (393981)
04-08-2007 10:08 PM
Reply to: Message 300 by Adminnemooseus
04-08-2007 7:59 PM

Re: We're Not Going to Budge: Evos UNITE!
I have to wonder why such a feature is in place at EvC if the members are all to be swindled out of using it before they can post, but either way, I'm now Jon, and will be such for some time now. I will take you up on your offer, and perhaps suggest a new title: Reasons for Creo Persistance?
I think that title pretty much sums it all up
Thank you for your reply and willingness to work this out,

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 Message 300 by Adminnemooseus, posted 04-08-2007 7:59 PM Adminnemooseus has not replied

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04-12-2007 9:23 PM

Blood in dino bones thread
Can we reopen Blood in dino bones for jjsemsch re off-topic comments on Message 38?
Edited by RAZD, : correct message

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we are limited in our ability to understand
by our ability to understand
... to learn ... to think ... to live ... to laugh ...
to share.

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 Message 303 by AdminNosy, posted 04-13-2007 12:44 AM RAZD has not replied

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04-13-2007 12:44 AM
Reply to: Message 302 by RAZD
04-12-2007 9:23 PM

Re: Blood in dino bones thread
Opened -- two years on a 24 hour break???

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 Message 302 by RAZD, posted 04-12-2007 9:23 PM RAZD has not replied

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04-19-2007 10:52 AM

I don't understand why the thread
Radioactive carbon dating
was closed. Any explanations??

Inactive Administrator

Message 305 of 305 (410947)
07-18-2007 5:06 AM

End of Thread - New One Opened
The new version of the Thread Reopen Requests thread is located at:
Thread Reopen Requests 2

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