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Author Topic:   Change in Moderation?
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Message 247 of 303 (157657)
11-09-2004 1:36 PM
Reply to: Message 246 by Adminnemooseus
11-09-2004 1:30 PM

Re: Moderation issues from elsewhere (re: Homosexuality vs. Bible)
Then I will transfer my response to AdminHambre to this thread:
So are you saying that any topic related to the bible will be allowed here in future except for homosexuality, abortion and racism? I hope not.
If homosexuality topics are banned, will any mention of homosexuality also be banned? Will a fundie be banned if he or she brings up homosexuality in a thread about, for instance, the recent election? Or is it only gays who are expected to show restraint?

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 Message 248 by AdminHambre, posted 11-09-2004 2:14 PM berberry has replied

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Message 249 of 303 (157684)
11-09-2004 3:17 PM
Reply to: Message 248 by AdminHambre
11-09-2004 2:14 PM

Tell us precisely what the policy is
AdminHambre writes:
Your response accuses me of siding with the fundie, ignoring the urgent need for dialogue, discriminating against gays, etc. etc. I don't think I deserve this. If you can't approach this matter with more objectivity, then you're proving my point.
That's not what I meant. You mentioned abortion and racism, I only responded. I'm sorry you seem to think I'm being unreasonable. I'm simply trying to understand what the policy is. I'm asking questions, not making statements. Is homosexuality to be a taboo topic once the current thread is closed? I agree that the arguments become repetitive, but the same happens in threads about the flood, biblical innerancy, the big bang and other issues, particularly ones that pit culture and conventional "knowledge" against either science or the bible. If (and I only mean "if") homosexuality is to be banned as a topic then I feel it would only be fair to ban other repetitive topics as well.
If I'm being unreasonable, then I'm not the only one. One of the admins is tired of frivolous topics being created in the ostensibly off-topic 'Coffee House'. Rather than simply propose a new policy limiting frivolous topics, he choose to hold one of our members up to public ridicule. The fact that this was a gay member combined with the fact that it is gay topics which you admins say are becoming tiresome leaves me to believe that you might have a problem with gays. Once again, this is not a statement. You may regard it as a question or even as a challenge, but it is not a statement.

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 Message 250 by Percy, posted 11-09-2004 3:40 PM berberry has replied

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Message 251 of 303 (157840)
11-10-2004 3:46 AM
Reply to: Message 250 by Percy
11-09-2004 3:40 PM

Re: Tell us precisely what the policy is
You say you're not the best person to answer my questions, Percy, but you've given me the most lucid explanation so far. I don't mean to criticize AdminHambre because I think he means well, but he didn't state the case quite so clearly.
I don't want to get bogged down in the same pro and con arguments any more than anyone else does, but I really think it might be the subject matter of the homosexuality topics that bothers people more than the repetition. There's been lots of gnashing of teeth over the endless reruns of other topics like the ones I've mentioned earlier. ALL of the repetitive topics tend to result in the exit of one or more fundie members of these boards, at least from what I've seen. There's nothing unique about the gay topics except that they deal with a subject that understandably makes some people uncomfortable and/or weary.
For what it's worth, I think it would be perfectly reasonable to limit social-issue topics to one thread at a time. Unless I'm mistaken, it's already necessary to use the PNT forum when creating a continuation thread of a 300+ post closed topic, so the admins already have a chance to close down a topic that's overly repetitive (if that's not true, then perhaps the 'Coffee House' could be declared off-limits for starting continuation threads). But I would feel better if the admins would agree to treat these topics more liberally when a new angle to the issue is brought up. That will no doubt be the case over the next few years, particularly regarding the homosexuality topics. The issue will be front-and-center in the news for some time to come.
And when a spurious anti-gay remark is made off-topic, I should hope that we would have the right to refute it on-the-spot.
EDIT: I want to thank all of you who've responded and tried to make me understand your position. I do feel better that there isn't any ant-gay bias going on. The simple fact that you've responded reasonably and that you seem to insist on putting the interests of the message board itself above that of any single topic speaks well of you.
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Dog is my copilot.

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 Message 250 by Percy, posted 11-09-2004 3:40 PM Percy has not replied

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