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Author Topic:   Quick Questions, Short Answers - No Debate
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10-27-2008 7:22 PM
Reply to: Message 100 by Admin
10-27-2008 8:57 AM

Re: New Topic
To Admin:
This has been proposed as a new topic:
How could the evolutionist ever accept any evidence to exist supporting a Great worldwide Flood since said acceptance would falsify the Theory of Evolution, destroy their reputations, credibility, reliability, and livelihoods?
Evolutionists MUST deny a Great Flood----their entire existence depends on it.
These observations explain why evolutionists deny the evidence of a Great Flood to exist.
I do not know if this meets your standards for a promotable topic.
However, I have seen this idea of my job being dependent on following the "accepted line". It has pissed me off to no end, but my comments about that would have been off topic in the threads I have seen.
So I remained silent.
As you may know I have been a petroleum geologist for pushing 35 years. If what I do doesn't work, that is to say, actually find oil and gas deposits, I go broke. There is no money for the wife, house, kids, whatever. I am my own oil company.
I would like you to promote Ray's topic to Geology and the Great Flood so I can deal with him directly from the viewpoint of someone who does this for a living and MUST GET RESULTS TO SURVIVE.
P.S. I am on my way to Denver, to the USGS Library, and then to Rapid City, and then back here to Wyoming, but I will keep track as best I can.
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