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Author Topic:   Quick Questions, Short Answers - No Debate
Inactive Member

Message 201 of 653 (635834)
10-02-2011 4:42 AM

Quick question; was there ever a chat option here? Click box, chat with other members? A chat app?
Quick suggestion; can we get one?
Quick analysis; if there was does it detract from the debate from any? For instance, people will stop commenting and instead just chat?
I think it would be nice if you could chat here with other members are real time speed every so often.
Go into chat, ask some questions, people will be able to see you are not being condescending, arrogant, etc etc.
Just some thoughts on chat.

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 Message 202 by fearandloathing, posted 10-02-2011 4:58 AM Chuck77 has not replied
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 Message 204 by jar, posted 10-02-2011 8:56 AM Chuck77 has not replied

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Message 245 of 653 (645964)
01-01-2012 1:01 AM

There should be no rating system and only + for a post if you like it.

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