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Author Topic:   Origin of Asteroids
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12-06-2005 2:36 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by doctrbill
12-06-2005 1:24 PM

I believe that I pretty much demolished this theory, and the YEC timeline of the age of the Earth, about 2 years ago, in New Nature Article - Spin Control for Asteriods:

There's a new article in Nature about the rotation of asteriods that I believe falsifies a YEC origin for the solar system.

I don't have access to the full article, and all I know I either read from the abstract or heard from the discussion of the article on NPR today. Basically astronomers have found that the asteroids that make up the asterioid belt do not tumble and rotate randomly, as was thought before. Instead, many of the asteriods rotate in sync or in harmony.

The explanation for this is believed to be eons of exposure to sunlight, which, over much time, gives the asteriods a "push" that sets them rotating in similar ways. As the solar radiation falling on asteriods so far from the sun is so very slight, it must have taken millions of years to set the asteriods spinning the way that they are.

This falsifies a young creation for the solar system because 6000 years isn't nearly enough time for sunlight to have that effect. In a young solar system the asteriods' rotation would be totally random as a result of occasional, unpredictable collisions.

Or that's what I got from the radio. (The relevance to the EvC issue is my own reasoning.) Perhaps somebody with access to the online version of the Nature article (Planetary Science: Spin Control for Asteriods by Richard P. Binzel) - somebody who doesn't have to pay $18.00 to see it, anyway - could post an excerpt and correct the mistakes I've likely made.

(I suppose God could have set the asteriods spinning that way to "test our faith", but that's a non-answer, really. God could do anything he wants under that reasoning, including giving us false memories. But a Chrisitan God of Truth wouldn't lie to us to test our faith, so it's not even a Biblical answer.)

Couldn't find a creationist to challenge my point. I guess I'd like to see how a violent upsurge of water could both knock almost an entire planet's-worth of stone into orbit (and leave a habitable world behind) while at the same time synchronizing their rotational periods. I doubt that your mechanical engineer has the answer.

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