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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Four questions for the Admins
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11-16-2007 11:49 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Fosdick
11-16-2007 11:26 AM

Any Suggestions?
Hoot Mon writes:
1. Do the Admins have a privileged thread of their own or communicate secretly behind the scenes by email to discuss the affairs of EvC?
AdminPhat writes:
yes, we have a private administration forum, which I rarely visit. Its not as much of a gossipfest as one would imagine!
2. Do the Admins ever clandestinely discuss other posters and conspire for or against them?
AdminPhat writes:
Only problem posters are discussed. A quick check of names mentioned does not show yours. You must not be either spamming, trolling, or ignoring requests to shape up!
3. Do the Admins ever differentiate between reasonable opinionation and abject tyranny?
AdminPhat writes:
Each of us is different. There is no real consensus in how we operate. Some are more strict than others. I have seen admins at other forums far worse than we are, however.
4. Why do the Admins appear so paranoid and afraid of losing control of this forum?
The whole purpose of admins is to keep a forum under control. A question for you: What motivated you to propose this topic? Having problems?

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