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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Four questions for the Admins
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Message 15 of 70 (434652)
11-16-2007 6:22 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Fosdick
11-16-2007 11:26 AM

Perceptions and realities
1. Do the Admins have a privileged thread of their own or communicate secretly behind the scenes by email to discuss the affairs of EvC?
I wouldn't really use the word "secretly," but there is a forum for Admins to discuss how to make the forum better. Obviously, only admins are privy to that forum. I can tell you, though, you aren't missing out on anything exciting and its seldom used.
2. Do the Admins ever clandestinely discuss other posters and conspire for or against them?
I wouldn't use the word "conspire," but yes, we ask for unbiased input from other Admins on how to deal with a problem poster.
3. Do the Admins ever differentiate between reasonable opinionation and abject tyranny?
Do you have a specific grievance you'd like to address, or are yopu asking a generalized question? I only ask because I have great faith in our Admin staff. I think most of them try very hard to be impartial.
4. Why do the Admins appear so paranoid and afraid of losing control of this forum?
What? What gave you this impression? Do you have any specifics to offer?
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11-16-2007 9:51 PM
Reply to: Message 17 by Fosdick
11-16-2007 7:03 PM

Re: Question 6
Why are the Admin afraid of a little sunshine?
Why do you think that they are? Give us some examples so we can understand why you believe that Admins are afraid of a little sunshine.
Post those clandestine threads so we all can see who are the favored ones and who are the schmucks.
We can't. If we sent you a link to that forum, you would get an automatically generated message saying that you can't access the forum.
Honestly, though, you really aren't missing any juicy details.
I'm sure the mind can wander, wondering if its a smoke-filled room full of Admins twisting their moustaches, devising plots and starting rumors-- but alas, its not.

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