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Author Topic:   How long has modern man been on this earth?
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Message 55 of 71 (492419)
12-31-2008 7:35 AM
Reply to: Message 54 by subbie
12-31-2008 1:53 AM

Re: Peg the plagiarist!!!
Well done Subbie.

Although that link goes to The Suffork County CC, did you notice this on the bottom of the page " Insight into the Scriptures, WB&TS, 1995, vol. II"

WB&TS = Watchtower Bible & Tract Society (Jehovah Witnesses)

Peg has moved us up to the cutting edge of scientific inquery.

I thought that article looked like it was written at the fourth grade level.



Edited by petrophysics1, : Changed "Peg the plagiarist?" to "Peg the plagiarist!!!"

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 Message 54 by subbie, posted 12-31-2008 1:53 AM subbie has not yet responded

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