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Author Topic:   How long has modern man been on this earth?
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09-26-2008 6:34 PM

Modern Homo Sapiens did appear about 200 thousand years ago. However, if we can agree the science of the human genome correct, we can all trace our origin to some guy living in Africa only 60,000 years ago. The Kalahari Bushmen are thought similar. Ten thousand years later his descendants arrived all the way to Australia.

It comes to no surprise to me why this tribe survived whatever calamity felled every other human. Recently a trove of exquisite beads made of tiny shells was found in a cave near an estuary. The settlement dated around 70,000 years. These intelligent smooth skinned people were most likely very adept in the water. Food sources available to divers probably continued to be harvestable after the African landscape had been made inhospitable 60,000 years ago.

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09-28-2008 8:06 PM


Now we are hearing from the Neanderthal Code (not the cable program) That Neanderthal might have split as much as 500k years ago. Now, that is a mind bender. They are also finding no evidence of sapiens mixing in. I kind of figured that when the red hair gene for both were different.

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