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Author Topic:   How long has modern man been on this earth?
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11-26-2013 6:29 AM
Reply to: Message 69 by AZPaul3
11-22-2013 9:54 PM

Re: 29000 year old civilization in Bosnia???
He's just crazy.

I've got no idea about Bosnian geology, but just from the photo, I can see that those are not man-made 'pyramids'.

Any geologist in South Africa would be able to tell you those 'pyramids' are a result of a hard cap (most likely basalt) underlain by softer sedimentary rocks. Erosion does the job. We've literally got millions of those features in the Karoo.

Hey, but he's a 'social scientist' who thinks that he knows more about geology than those hundreds of thousands of geologists from all over the world... wonder if he knows what a basalt is?

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