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Author Topic:   Genetic 'Bottlenecks' and the Flood
Brad McFall
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09-04-2003 5:18 PM
Reply to: Message 48 by roxrkool
09-04-2003 2:50 PM

I can not get the NOTION of "genetic bottleneck" out of my hearing Mr. Will Provine EXPLAIN his idea of a "constriction" during the 'modern synthesis' historically which SINCE I, as a herpetologist, KNEW WAS NOT A MODIFICATION FROM A SQUAMATE subjectivity immediately objectived my own ear to the meaning ONLY TO FIND WILL DISCUSSING NOT THE CONTENT OF BIOLOGY BUT THE CONTEXT, namely the reduction in the reading materials a student of evolution had to master AFTER THE SYNTHESIS.

This historical event seems to be misssing not only from the current teaching of biology but also its dissemination. I guess 'bottle necks' could be generalized outside of this finished hearing but there is so much little used biological lingusitcs that choosing what to instantiate is difficult for even someone interested in apply the axiom of choice. The electronic media seems oriented more towards atomic describability and less to set theory.

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