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Author Topic:   Genetic 'Bottlenecks' and the Flood
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07-22-2003 4:12 AM
Reply to: Message 35 by Alec
07-21-2003 8:13 PM

Just on the chimps, I have to point out that :

1) Chimpanzees are NOT our ancestors - they are our closest LIVING relatives.

2) The similarity between the human and chimpanzee genomes has nothing to do with the genetic diversity found within the chimpanzee species.
So why are you responding to the point that chimpanzees do not show the genetic bottleneck implied by the ark story by talking about the similarities between human and chimpanzee genes ?

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 Message 35 by Alec, posted 07-21-2003 8:13 PM Alec has not yet responded

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