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Author Topic:   why is the lack of "fur" positive Progression for humans?
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02-14-2008 2:53 PM
Reply to: Message 47 by TheTruth
02-14-2008 2:32 PM


i meant if i know we don't eveolve in the womb we never evolved period

Perhaps we could try using spelling, punctuation, and complete sentences rather than writing as if we were on an instant messaging service and had failed the second grade four times? You may then be able to communicate your ideas better.

Next, you could try to learn what evolution actually states - at no point does the theory of evolution predict that anything should "evolve in the womb." Evolution is a process that occurs in populations over many generations. You seem to think evolution states that you "evolve" from sperm/egg to a monkey and then to a human all before you're born. While human fetal development is earily similar to this (flippers, body fur, gills, and other vestiges of our evolutionary ancestors forming in the womb), we do not evolve in the womb.

Evolution requires genetic change. Your genes don't change while you're a fetus. Evolution requires selective pressure. Your environment is pretty static in the womb. Evolution requires a population. A fetus is an individual. Evolution requires multiple generations. A fetus is a single generation.

Your concept of evolution is so far off the mark, it's hard to tell exactly what you think it is. I see that a "What is evolution" thread has been proposed. perhaps you should spend some time in that thread if it is promoted, and see if you can learn what evolution really predicts instead of this strawman idea in your head.

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