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Author Topic:   Smoking-Gun Evidence of Man-Monkey Kindred: Episode I - endogenous retrovirus
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08-01-2011 11:46 AM

Bumped for further discussion of ERV's.

Some have asserted that finding the same virus chimps and gorillas but not in humans or orangutans falsifies the ERV evidence. That claim is completely false. What creationists always ignore is the locus that the ERV's are found at. That is, are they orthologous or non-orthologous.

One such example is PTERV1. This retrovirus is found in chimps, gorillas, and various other primate species but it is not found in humans or orangutans. According to this paper not a single insertion is found at an orthologous position (i.e. at the same locus) in any of the species. Therefore, there is no conflict with the consensus phylogeny for apes (including humans) and other primates. If the PTERV1 insertions were found at orthologous positions then this would conflict, but they aren't.

The sad part is that even after you explain this to creationists they refuse to understand it. They refuse to even consider that retroviruses continued to invade the genomes of many species after speciation events. Don't ask me why, but somehow the creationist mind can not accept this fact.

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