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Author Topic:   {composite\Lucy\Little-Foot\Australopithicus} was bipedal
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11-17-2006 11:10 AM
Reply to: Message 11 by RickJB
11-09-2006 2:32 PM

Re: nemesis_juggernaut repeats Creationist LIE about LUCY ...
Yeah, I noticed that. Jazzns noticed it too, but he hasn't made any great moves on it yet.

NJ brought up so much to talk about, I thought about making a big deal about it but decided against. There are much more convincing arguments than defending the lucy knee find. Any one of the subtopics could drag us into a wild array of arguments all of which are IMO off topic for that thread. We were supposed to be talking about NJ's claim of alternate interpretations.

Of course it was a different knee and of course there is equivocation going on between Lucy the particular find and Lucy the short name for the whole species. Hopefully NJ will see this and correct is misunderstanding silently. Beyond that there is more important things to discuss in that thread.

Of course, biblical creationists are committed to belief in God's written Word, the Bible, which forbids bearing false witness; --AIG (lest they forget)

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