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Author Topic:   Discovery or Ignorance: The Choice Is yours?
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07-05-2008 4:16 AM
Reply to: Message 123 by Buzsaw
07-04-2008 8:54 PM

Re: ID Laboratories
So to sum it up.

1) IDists misrepresent archaeology to pretend that the Bible is accurate.

2) IDists misrewpresent the Bible to pretend that the Bible has fulfilled prophecies.

3) IDists pretend to use mathematics to support their ideas (but don't. e.g. Dembski's Explanatory Filter that has not been correclty applied to biology even once),

4) IDists make naive appeals to complexity as proof of God. Which is at least more honest than the preceding arguments but is hardly a productive scientific viewpoint.

5) At least according to Buzsaw it is wrong to be honest and rational and fairly balance the evidence. The only important thing is to come to conclusions that Buzsaw approves of (and thsoe who do are rewarded with unmerited praise).

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 Message 123 by Buzsaw, posted 07-04-2008 8:54 PM Buzsaw has not yet responded

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