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Author Topic:   Why is it that God couldn't have made Creation with evolution?
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08-19-2009 6:17 PM

I was curious and starting reading here and I see no one thinking about how God could have made an ever changing universe; that would seem far more impressive and interesting in my view.

Church teachings have changed over time as the Magesterium have reinterpreted the Bible and as such I feel it would be possible that the Bible is the Truth written in a manner suited for the people it was intended to be read by: not the scientific Man of today but the spiritual Man of the past. It seems a stretch to take the Bibles word as complete scientific fact if you then reject other scientific fact and evidence.

From the point of view of early man, created by God in His image if you will, the world began around 6000 years ago, a time they could understand, and creatures were described as they were at his time. God created plenty of mysteries for people to explore, His very nature being the greatest example, and it seems a bit much to assume that He decided to reveal Creation in complete crystal detail.

I'll end by saying I have no agenda in asking this, I'm simply curious of others thoughts and this is a line of thinking which I feel could yield some interesting ideas, though I doubt they'll be conclusive.

I have no need for an organised religion and enjoy the simplicity of the occasional numinous experience or a small prayer which allows me to leave a worry at the door but religion is a tool in my opinion, much like video games, work or even sex for getting through life as pleasantly as possible and feeling fulfilled on the other end.

I also apologise for the fractured nature of my initial thoughts - it's because they are just initial thoughts.

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