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Author Topic:   How is Natural selection a mechanism?
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07-21-2017 3:34 PM
Reply to: Message 69 by AndrewPD
07-21-2017 8:39 AM

The point is emergent properties in themselves aren't explained by evolution. If a property emerges that is because biochemistry (in the case of digestion) allowed a property to arise.

If I understand what you're saying, you're right, but I'm not entirely sure what your point is.

If an organism changes the composition of an chemical which it uses to digest food; and the new acid extracts more energy from the food; natural selection explains why this innovation would spread in a population. It doesn't tell you anything about why the altered chemical is more efficient at breaking down food though - that would be a matter of the chemistry.

Is this all you're saying, or am I missing something?

Incidentally, I don't think the selective advantages of consciousness are in any sense obvious. I don't think we will understand them unless and until we understand how consciousness occurs.

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