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Author Topic:   Meyer's Hopeless Monster
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Message 198 of 207 (184441)
02-10-2005 4:40 PM
Reply to: Message 197 by Brad McFall
02-10-2005 3:39 PM

Re: Interview with Meyer and Chapman of Discovery Institute
Brad McFall writes:

I think the piece while showing perhaps by hear say that there WAS religious discrimination it still remains that if ID IS SCIENCE it has to have the evidence.

That's the crux of the issue, isn't it? There's no compelling evidence for ID, so shouldn't it be regarded as philosophy and not science?

That is how I have the balls to keep posting here, because it seems to be nothing but a "personal disagreement" between me and other Cornell profs that prevented me from becoming so far an evolutionist.

Nothing but a personal disagreement about what? Whether or not ID was science or about a mere belief in ID as philosophy? Or was it something else?

Several months ago I asked you about your issues with the professors at Cornell. Your response was mostly unintelligible to me, but you've been doing so much better at communicating lately that I thought I'd ask again. Do try to keep it simple, please.

Making babies to kill them only shows that even these moments are being bought at the secular price limit.

Are you talking about stem cell research? That's not what's happening, Brad. I don't claim to fully understand how it all works, but from what I've read these are little more than fertilized eggs, there are no human-like features. Fertility clinics destroy fertilized eggs every day. What's the harm in using them to grow a few cells before they're destroyed?

Keep America Safe AND Free!

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