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Author Topic:   Meyer's Hopeless Monster
Robert Byers
Member (Idle past 3596 days)
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From: Toronto,canada
Joined: 02-06-2004

Message 204 of 207 (632319)
09-07-2011 2:13 AM
Reply to: Message 203 by trisha
09-01-2011 6:49 AM

The evidence is what is here.
The universe.
thats evidence it came into being by mechanisms and not out of nowhere.
Then one examines the evidence of nature.
Then conclusions.
ID or YEC do better or as well on the different subjects dealing with origins as the old school of evolutionism etc.
Its spot on to first discredit the reigning error and then make your case.
ID and YEC have done so well, despite being denied audiences by a hostile establishment, that they are dominating the conversation about origins as shown by evolutionism need to desperately react.

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Robert Byers
Member (Idle past 3596 days)
Posts: 640
From: Toronto,canada
Joined: 02-06-2004

Message 206 of 207 (632325)
09-07-2011 4:05 AM
Reply to: Message 205 by Dr Adequate
09-07-2011 3:33 AM

Evolutionists complaint would be that creationists ARE invoking scripture.
I don't except as basic presumptions.
I deal with particular subjects or general themes without much verses because i attack on the evidence and the reasoning and investigation capability.
I deal a great deal with mechanisms in nature and I guess not much with scripture.
however scripture is the boundary and if so it would make a better product for the one who obeys it.

Creationism starts with a witness but evolution etc is all about the quality and quantity of evidence from nature.
Thats the problem with modern evolutionism.
Its coming under great and aggressive forensics.

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 Message 205 by Dr Adequate, posted 09-07-2011 3:33 AM Dr Adequate has replied

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