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Author Topic:   Transitional fossils and quote mining
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10-25-2009 5:28 AM
Reply to: Message 185 by Arphy
10-25-2009 5:14 AM

Percy writes:

If current scientific theories about geologic and evolutionary history are incorrect, they at least have a great deal of evidence supporting them and cannot be replaced by cockamamie ideas for which there is no evidence at all.

Percy, i am disappointed. I didn't think that you would resort to these types of arguments.

As you should be. It is clear as daylight that if the poor deluded scientists are arguing amongst themselves about the internal workings of their theory, this proves that Tinkerbell the skyfairy poofed everything into existence 600 years ago. Sorry, I meant Yahweh the skyfairy and 6000 years ago - I always confuse them

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