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Author Topic:   Transitional fossils and quote mining
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09-21-2009 4:23 AM
Reply to: Message 74 by Arphy
09-21-2009 3:51 AM

Re: Lies, Damn Lies and Creationist Quote Mines
Arphy writes:

And this phenomenon is?

Evolution, the changes in hereditary material in populations over time.

Great, thank you, something i can work with. So YECs like me, and organisations like CMI, ICR, are actually YEC's as well as evolutionists by your definition of evolution. In this case maybe this forum should be called Philosophical naturalism Vs Creation.

First of all, if they accept mutation, natural selection and genetic drift, they accept all the supporting mechanisms of evolution. I however doubt they'll see it this way. I'd suggest asking them. Something like: "Hi, my name is Arphy, my question to you is if you accept the mechanisms of...." and see what answer you get from them.

Also, we're not the one confusing the term, the creationists are.

I hunt for the truth

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