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Author Topic:   How creationism explains babies with tails
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10-02-2010 12:44 AM

Vestigial limbs are something that evolution might predict and would certainly allow for due to inheritance of genetic information from ancestors.

Examples that are well documented include human's being born with tails, whales and dolphins with leg and pelvic girdles, snakes with legs, chickens with teeth. Most importantly vestigial body parts are only ever found in the species that are thought to have descended, due to genetic evidence, from species that we know do have those parts (i.e. human-tail/primate-tail, land-mammal-legs/whale-legs, lizard-teeth/chicken-teeth, lizard-legs/snake-legs).

How does ID account for these mutations? If chickens where created (and NOT evolved), they would not have need of the genetic information for teeth, nor whales and snakes for legs, nor of humans for tails.

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