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Author Topic:   New Feature: Message Rating System
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04-14-2012 5:20 PM

I'm starting to get my doubts of the jeer system. I already stated this before a month or two ago. In light of my recent blunder using the system on foreveryoung, and his subquent jeer of my (somewhat clusmy written) post that went with my mishad, I began thinking about it some more. What motive did I have when jeering?

A rating system on a online message board should only serve to unemotionally state disagreement. Jeers do not. While a cheer as a sign of approval holds some merit, what do jeers have?

At times, it only expresses mild justified annoyance. But more commonly, I'm seeing jeering based on earlier conflicts, bandwagoning, a further seal of anger in a already heated aguments. I do not get a feeling that this add something. It seems foul. It seems to commonly encourage translating a surge of annoyance, justified enough, into the crude satisfation of planting a big red symbol of whoever is annoying you, and it also commonly results in counter jeering.

Nothing good ever seems to come of it, and in situations when it somewhat justified, like with foreveryoungs outleash, it just turns into a large bandwagon, and in a meta-sense, it seems to have been a red bull fighters cape to FY's rage, seeing everyone dropping big red -'s by his posts in droves. I did not jeer often, but yesterday I fell for the huge bandwagon temptation, and my clumsy usage of the system exposed my own shallow motives to myself.

In conclusion, I'm starting to think of the jeer side of the system to be mostly foul, and I think it should be removed, or radically altered into a form it can only be used as unemotionally. The latter seems unlikely, so a approval based score system(a score that slowly rises for every few cheers given) would suit this forum better, leaving the respect of those that have deserved it, but removing the consending and unconstructive nature of a low rating and constant pestering with jeers. Rating would be a good system if the conversation here was truly unemotional but that is far from the reality we all must be seeing

Although if somebody has a better opinion on jeering and rating, I'm all ears for how this system can be used better.

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