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Author Topic:   Living fossils expose evolution
Member (Idle past 2559 days)
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From: Zerus
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Message 162 of 416 (527250)
09-30-2009 4:09 PM
Reply to: Message 151 by Calypsis4
09-30-2009 3:50 PM

Re: Harun Yahya Ha Ha
I know this is off topic, but I gotta weigh in on something.

Calypsis4 writes:

I taught science for 26 yrs including biology.

"Dr." Kent Hovind claimed to have taught math for 15 years. Have you any idea how many times I cringed when he talked about math and science? On a radio show one time, he was asked by a caller what fueled the sun, and Hovind honestly suggested it was combustion for christ sake.

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 Message 151 by Calypsis4, posted 09-30-2009 3:50 PM Calypsis4 has taken no action

Member (Idle past 2559 days)
Posts: 5069
From: Zerus
Joined: 07-18-2006

Message 285 of 416 (527613)
10-01-2009 8:00 PM
Reply to: Message 283 by Dr Jack
10-01-2009 5:39 PM

Mr Jack writes:

Throughout this thread you've posted often; frequently bringing in new material before the old material has been dealt with, or throwing out one or two line snap responses to posts.

Although everyone is probably thinking it, I'll be the first to point it out. Calypsis4, everyone here is familiar with the gish gallop method of debate. Just so you know.

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 Message 283 by Dr Jack, posted 10-01-2009 5:39 PM Dr Jack has seen this message

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