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Author Topic:   Questions about the living cell
Otto Tellick
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10-08-2009 5:43 AM
Reply to: Message 122 by Calypsis4
10-04-2009 1:58 PM

Re: Cancer and the true cross
Calypsis4 writes:

The 2,000 yr old text says that all things are held together by God's Son, the one who died on the cross and His symbol is connecting every living thing on earth. It's pretty obvious it wasn't coincidental.

And if you arrange the original Hebrew letters of the Old Testament (which are known to have been meticulously counted and kept track of in every copy ever made) in particular ways and assign numbers to them, you can pick out all sorts of prophetic information that predicts things that have happened between the original writing and the present day. That really is not coincidental either.

It's also not valid or sensible, let alone being "predictive" in any plausible or meaningful sense. It's simply a matter of arranging arbitrary symbols into appealing patterns, and then relating particular meanings to those patterns. People do this sort of thing all the time -- it's a natural human trait, involving innate human abilities (pattern recognition, symbolic logic, etc). Astrology is another prime example. I would put your assertion of religious symbolism in cell structure right up there with astrology.

Do you believe in astrology? How about reading the future in the entrails of dead animals? (That at least has something of biology in it.) If not, why not? Perhaps because you recognize that such "predictions" are too vague or vacuous or too often wrong to be of any practical use? Asserting the presence of religious symbols in biological structures is on a par with (indistinguishable from) that. Honest.

You feel that way because you do not know the Lord. Had you known Him or seen His power as we Christians have (at least, some of us) then you wouldn't be saying things like that.

You started this thread with three "questions about the living cell," requesting both opinion and fact for the answers. Over the course of your subsequent posts here, you have demonstrated that your main interest is not to actually find answers to these questions in any sort of factual manner, but rather to put an end to any attempt to answer them except through the assertion and acceptance of religious dogma. No observational evidence, and no theory based on observation, should be accepted unless it conforms to your doctrine. Even posing more detailed questions is off-limits, if pursuing answers could lead to a threat of transgression.

It's not even sufficient in your view that people should simply abandon science and adopt any religious belief of their own choosing (in accordance with the notion of religious freedom -- I assume you must be positively dead-set against any such notion). No, in your view, there can be only one way to refuse to answer these questions, and that is through the acceptance of Your Lord Jesus Christ as our savior -- and on top of that, we'd better interpret the biblical text exactly as you do, or we will never attain the correct avoidance of real answers to these questions.

In other words, your agenda here is to promote a specific brand of willful ignorance. Okay, we get that. Now, when are you going to get that trying to promote ignorance in a science forum is really a waste of time? People who have a sincere curiosity about how nature works will not accept "God did it" as an answer, because that really doesn't answer the questions that come up.

No matter how Laminin appears though the microscope in its function in living cells it is always diagrammed like this...

I'm sure that must be false. I haven't looked at all the biology books ever published, but surely some of them would make it clear that the diagram you posted has actually put the thing sideways, or possibly upside-down.

And since there are so many nice pictures in these threads of yours, I can't resist putting one in. (I shamelessly stole this from http://scienceblogs.co.../my_regrets_on_your_traumatic_b.php -- it just happened to show up today, and seemed especially appropriate for your dogmatic approach to biology... indeed, it strikes me as positively non-coincidental!)

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autotelic adj. (of an entity or event) having within itself the purpose of its existence or happening.

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