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Author Topic:   Questions about the living cell
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10-03-2009 3:49 AM
Reply to: Message 115 by Calypsis4
10-02-2009 7:16 PM

Re: Laminin Shaminin

When was that picture painted?
Which do you think inspired the other? The Rod of Hermes, which has been a symbol for thousands of years? Or your picture, which was painted much more recently and is the artists interpretation of a vaguely described object in scripture?

Calypsis, it seems to me that your main argument in this thread is the following:

"Since nobody knows how life originated, it must have been created."

Now, nobody knows how life originated (except you), we'll admit that. You have a point, good job. What most of your co-debators in this forum are trying to ask you is: "Why does this constitute evidence of a creation?"

Just because science can't answer your question at present, what makes you think it never will? And even more importantly: What gives your explanation precedence when their is a gap in scientific knowledge? Why not go by any other religious doctrine of creation? Why go by any at all?

You are the one making a claim here Calypsis. Nobody else is. The best we can offer you are suggestions as to how life might have originated. You claim certainty. Therefore, you must provide evidence for your claim. Until you can provide evidence for a supernatural creation, no one here will take you seriously.

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 Message 115 by Calypsis4, posted 10-02-2009 7:16 PM Calypsis4 has taken no action

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