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Author Topic:   Is the creation/evolution debate taboo in our churches?
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10-06-2009 6:58 AM
Reply to: Message 1 by Arphy
10-05-2009 2:46 AM

Arphy writes:

I was just wondering what people's experience was on this topic.
It seems that the debate is avoided in most churches i have been to, even though the implications of what we believe in this area are far reaching.

I wouldn't use the term 'avoided' of my church (which doesn't discuss the topic to any degree). I imagine that folk just don't see the issue as having much relevance this way or that. What are these 'far reaching implications' you speak of?

1. Have you ever experienced a sermon that mentions the debate, or preferably a whole sermon on the topic?
(I haven't, the closest was a mention of the big bang.)

Not really, other than to mention there is debate. Sermons are usually aimed at teaching on Christian living. How we got here isn't all that relevant to that goal.

2. Do you know what the leadership of your local/denominational church believes on this issue?
(In some churches I did, however often i did not find out directly. most were theistic evolutionists, and had the attitude of "It's not really an important issue and would just cause division in the church")

I think some are creationists (in the sense that evolution didn't do it) and others are evolutionists. Same with the congregation

3. Is it ever discussed outside of sermons (so in other additional church meetings, etc.)?
(I have in some small and close homegroups, however not in larger gatherings)

Not that I know of

4. In fact is there any emphasise put on apologetics at all?
(Not in my experience)

In the sense of giving 'a reason for the hope that we have', yes. But again, the creation/evolution debate isn't mission-critical to Christian apologetics. Witness the debate here for instance, which has whole areas of apologetics which don't touch creo/evo issues.

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