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Author Topic:   What Benefits Are Only Available Through God?
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02-15-2017 1:06 PM
Reply to: Message 1 by Stile
10-06-2009 9:53 AM

a god made the folking deal: your belief in exchange for a ransom paid to himself

You simply know the truth from what is not, by elimination, that is how people can ascertain what has been corrupted because
the truth would never be egocentric nor command people to accept or love, because true love is spontaneous, which means Love can't be commanded.
Also the Truth would never utilize a common generic designation, god or elohim, as if it was a holy name, much less in reference to him or her self.

re'Legion's biggest and most demonic lie ever told in your sacred bible was to convince the World that the means for them to be forgiven implied killing or sacrificing a person or a firstborn son, rather than just forgive. For the World so loved the god(s) to the point of killing a first-born son so that everyone who believed the price for their sins had been paid should believe also in the god.

. . . . .

Actually the only thing You can do for You to become friends with your heaven, that is within You, or other people's heaven is help the poor who live in your farm, town or city. Yet, people loved the dark of the beliefs in exchange for having the price for their sins paid at the cost of innocent blood because their deeds were evil

And the real I Am, being the Truth and Fidelity, would never declare or judge anyone righteous for his belief, which is evidence proving that there is a demonic nature in your sacred bible, that is the part that came from the lying pen of scribes and from the fathers of the beliefs or lies, and from re'Legion the devil himself who was made to be a specialist on camouflages that are made to make believe or simply not let You know what the truth is.

That is why there is a good purpose in the existence of a demonic nature in your sacred bible, because people are given a chance to think by themselves, or think by their own heads, and even forget about ministers, elders, reverends and fathers of the beliefs or lies. Also because in heavenly justice, it is like election with free spontaneous will, people are given the chance to set apart the light from the gloom, all by themselves, without religion or any external influence, and then choose the good and reject the evil

Brief Summarized Signature
Real life vs too pessimistic archeological-surrealism

As certain as my pet kangaroo rat has always an ace in the sleeve, whether Die Hard (the kangaroo rat) bluffs or not, it's only with a time frame that equates to 4,750 years without multiplying, per every 5,000 years interval, that it would be possible for European population to have taken 49,000 years to reach 1 million people.

This is why the evolutionary theory for the origin of the Human body has been mathematically proven to be a fraud. For not backing up what the theory is saying about the growth of Humans in Europe during at least 25,000 years ago.

Evolutionary theory, in regards to population growth average or Human multiplication rate in Europe, has been proved mathematically very inconsistent and that is why the teachers on Human origins have been omitting and not bringing up a valid population growth model or a possible average of growth for people in Europe to back up the theory.

If the number of children would always be the same from the beginning to the end of every 4,750 years interval within the rows of 5,000 years from 55,000 years ago then there's still the option of stop thinking by the head of an archeo-surrealist, which equates to stop drifting on numbers as if man is a beast and as if everything that happened in life was a disgrace,

That kind of chronological basis surpasses far beyond Hardy Har Har, a depressed, gloomy pessimistic hyena, always saying, 'Oh dear, oh my, I just know it's all going to go wrong'.

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05-24-2019 3:23 PM

Why believing is being seven times blind. See the answer now

Because Scripture as originally written is known by attributes, it is not known by belief.

Here is a paraphrased fragment of Scripture and how can You know it is accurate and true scripture without believing . . . You can ascertain because of the attributes that are and must be consistent. If there is consistency in the attributes then You will perceive it whenever You verify them:

Paraphrased scripture from the book of John: "... You do not see the wind, but you do not have to believe the wind is blowing. You can see with your eyes a candlestick that shines the light that I Am.
The word that the eyes did not see and the hands did not touch, ( יהוה / Yhwh ), has come into this world like a Seven-candlestick, in order that those who do not see might see, and those who are believers might keep on being seven times blind. For, if hearing and seeing the word are not enough for you to see then it's being blind twice, isn't it? And if a believer could ever admit that he does not see anything when he works up a strong belief then he could start seeing, but because he says: 'believing, we see!', his blindness increases seven times more ..."




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