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Author Topic:   Your First Ever EVC Post
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10-11-2009 6:46 AM

Prayer Test - First Post
This was my first post in 2004.

I grew up as a Christian and trusted God implicitly as our church taught. As I got older and actually read more of what was preached I had questions they couldn't answer reasonably.

Anyway over the past 3 years I have been digging deeper into the Bible to see the truth that is there. I found a lot more questions.

I did a prayer test of my own. I had grown up praying and some prayers were answered and some not. Over the past year I have prayed to the ancesters and some prayers were answered and some were not. I have also stopped myself from praying to see how the situation would pan out and sometimes things went well and sometimes not. I don't feel that one method was any better than the others.

Prayers I considered answered did not always come in the form I requested. I just thought to myself "OK not what I asked for but that will work."

Now I did not keep track of the statistics, this was for my own purposes only. I don't expect anyone to trust my results. Just thought I would share my own prayer experiences.

I also feel that a supernatural being would have no problem making its existence known clearly to an individual if it truly wants our trust. Trust is earned.

I do like one passage that says roughly "You will know them by their fruit." I feel the same goes for a god.

A rather benign post that got no response, but still in line with my path of growth and discovery.

"Peshat is what I say and derash is what you say." --Nehama Leibowitz

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