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Author Topic:   Your First Ever EVC Post
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Message 26 of 140 (529890)
10-10-2009 11:06 PM

This was my first on March 15, 2003:

Hi Doinker. I am a Christian who has been into Biblical prophecy, archeology and history for about 57 years (since a kid)on my own and having only a year and a half of college, I am not highly "ejucated" so I rely on truth to be able to prevail in debate in this environment of folks, many of whom are more soooofisssssticatedly educated than I. I come here as a nubie, confident that truth shall prevail and that the "foolishness" of truth (in the eyes of the world) shall confound the ever learned looser "garbauge" of the worldly wise. So dear friend, please don't run off. Americans have a fascination with folks like you who are interested enough to cross the language barrier to communicate.

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The Immeasurable Present Eternally Extends the Infinite Past And Infinitely Consumes The Eternal Future.

Someone wisely said something ;ike, "Before fooling with a fool, make sure the fool is a fool." :)

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Message 29 of 140 (529950)
10-11-2009 9:02 AM
Reply to: Message 27 by purpledawn
10-11-2009 6:46 AM

Re: Prayer Test - First Post
PurpleDawn writes:

I also feel that a supernatural being would have no problem making its existence known clearly to an individual if it truly wants our trust. Trust is earned.

I do like one passage that says roughly "You will know them by their fruit." I feel the same goes for a god.

Hi PD. Perhaps it would make an interesting topic which would stimulate some discussion now.

The immeasurable present eternally extends the infinite past and infinitely consumes the eternal future.

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Message 57 of 140 (533110)
10-28-2009 8:45 PM
Reply to: Message 53 by Wounded King
10-21-2009 8:49 AM

Checking Recall
Hey, WK, weren't you and me both on either or both of the old Newsmax and/or NoPC boards before coming here? I see we both came here in 03.

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