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Author Topic:   Your First Ever EVC Post
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10-13-2009 10:01 PM

Nosy's First
Message 28

Buzsaw writes:

Considering the age of the texts of Genesis one and two, imo, we need to cut some slack.

NosyNed writes:

But isn't this is the whole and complete source for all of the biology, physics, geogology, astronomy etc for the creation scientist? Are you suggesting that it is to be taken losely or only roughly? Doesn't that rather pull the foundations out from under all the claims being made about how we know that modern science is wrong because it contradicts God's word?

This is funny because it must be close to my first (1 day after registering) but I recall that I came in and answered some 1 or more year old post not the one shown.

I came here, as I recall, following Rrhain from some site I forget completely.

I'm still here but I've learned not to try to post a reply to everything. Especially Buz. In fact, I make a point of posting as little as my addiction allows me to.

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 Message 50 by Straggler, posted 10-20-2009 6:11 PM NosyNed has not yet responded

Posts: 8954
From: Canada
Joined: 04-04-2003

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11-17-2009 1:08 AM
Reply to: Message 60 by FaithfulHeart
11-16-2009 8:54 PM

Love it!!!!
You are very welcome here! Anyone who posts his first post to the thread talking about what people's first posts were is going to be fun!

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 Message 60 by FaithfulHeart, posted 11-16-2009 8:54 PM FaithfulHeart has not yet responded

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