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Author Topic:   Fine tuning/ programming
Capt Stormfield
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From: Vancouver Island
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10-20-2009 8:18 PM
Reply to: Message 71 by Pauline
10-16-2009 6:23 PM

okay, here's the perfect question to ask you: Do you have evidence for the natural development of the process of action potential? A step by step process *involving mutations*.

Do you mean is there evidence this year? Or a thousand years ago? Or might there be 150 years from now?

It is unclear to me why you think a current lack of information regarding the evolution of the human body is evidence for your design hypothesis. If your faith is contingent on people not understanding something, does the vintage of the ignorance matter? In other words, would a tenth century man's conviction that the colored light of sunsets and rainbows could only come from colorless air and water through the direct hand of God serve to support your faith today? What is so special about this year's ignorance that makes it evidence of God, when the ignorance of other times - or of other people - does not?


Is it getting solipsistic in here, or is it just me?

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