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Author Topic:   Help in teaching 11-12 Year olds (RE (Religious Education) in the UK)
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10-20-2009 7:08 AM
Reply to: Message 12 by JJtheJester
10-20-2009 6:28 AM

I think what some posters are trying to say is that you are starting from what appears to be the premise that you are asking an either/or question:

"Are naturalistic causes sufficient to explain the origins of life on the planet or is there a supernatural entitiy involved?"

As has been mentioned ToE does not get involved with Abiogenesis any more than balistics is involved with smelting the ore to make the metal to make a gun.

So you could rephrase your question:

"Is Algorithmic information theory a more accurate account of Abiogenesis than a supernatural creation event?"

To which one would have to reply that it is not; the reason being that neither have any objective evidence to indicate their efficacy for explaning the creation event.

This is why you must understand that ToE should not be used in relation to Abiogenesis any more than algorithmic information theory should be.

You also need to make clear exactly which creation story you are talking about; there are very many and it is difficult to establish which one you are referring to (I assume you mean one of the Abrahamic religions because of you location but you take my point).

As it stands you are doing your students a disservice because you are assuming that one or other is correct when in this case neither theories can be shown to have any efficacy as explanations for Abiogenesis.

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