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Author Topic:   Help in teaching 11-12 Year olds (RE (Religious Education) in the UK)
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12-09-2009 4:47 PM
Reply to: Message 55 by Peg
12-09-2009 6:18 AM

Re: Do not mix science and religion
If i told that you I had a baby, but there is no father, you'd call me nuts. Yet that is what evolutionsists expect us to believe with regard to evolution of life.

No, this is an analogy that actualy works: We're talking about your baby's development, whather s/he's learned to walk yet, what foods s/he eats, etc. I don't have to know who the father is, nor do I care overly much. I know a father exists, as scientists know an origin happened, but these scientists don't really care what that origin is because the specific origin has no bearing on the development after the origin.

What you're arguing is that before I can discuss your baby and his/her development, I must first know who the father is. Why should I care? It's not pertinent to the conversation.

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