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Author Topic:   Adding information to the genome.
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10-22-2009 8:59 AM
Reply to: Message 43 by RAZD
10-22-2009 8:05 AM

Re: laugh first think second?
Hi Kaichos Man, what was the source of your pearl? It doesn't seem to reflect modern thinking.

The origin and evolution of lactation, Anthony V Capuco and R Michael Akers

Lactation appears to be an ancient reproductive feature that pre-dates the origin of mammals. A cogent theory for the evolution of the mammary gland and lactation has been provided by Olav Oftedal. The features of current mammals were gradually accrued through radiations of synapsid ancestors, and the mammary gland is hypothesized to have evolved from apocrine-like glands associated with hair follicles

It's just classic creationists, quote mining from the introduction of a paper in which the authors attempt to define the problem that they wish to discuss. The structure of the paper is:

"It was thought to be impossible for evolution, says the authors. Darwin had a hypothesis. Darwin's hypothesis was falsified. Here is a review of a more current hypothesis...."

Because of course, we evolutionists believe that Darwin was the perfecti of evolution. All evidence must be interpreted to be consistent with the divine words of St Darwin. Any dissent from this dogma will be met with excommunication from the hallowed halls of the lab and library.

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