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Author Topic:   Noahs Flood
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06-01-2010 2:36 AM
Reply to: Message 88 by Flyer75
06-01-2010 2:13 AM

Re: Picking and choosing
So are you saying, it's a shut and locked case coyote? In every case? There aren't problems with millions of years still, such as comets? At the very least, there is still debate on these issues.
It's as open and shut as the Theory of Gravity, Flyer. That meaning, there are still debates over specifics, but just like we're pragmatically certain that you won't go flying away suddenly, we're certain that the age of the Earth is measured in billions of years.
There is absolutely no question whatsoever in the scientific community that the Earth is younger than that to any significant degree. There is no actual debate suggesting that the Earth may in fact be some thousands of years old, a difference of about four orders of magnitude, for the same reason that there is no debate over whether mass attracts mass, or whether the motion of electrons can be used as a power source.

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