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Author Topic:   Noahs Flood
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03-30-2010 3:52 PM
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10-27-2009 2:37 AM

Re: A flood of flood mythes.
In order to find evidence of a 'global' flood, surely we'd need every area of earth tested.
I'm just picturing someone who, after finding a thousand sites that show that there was never a global flood there, they still scour the world checking out thousands more sites. But I digress.
Most flood dates that I've seen for Noah's ark agreed on 2349 BC.
One of the amazing things about the flood story is how dedicated people are in writing their histories. For example, even though the Egyptians were many miles underwater, they kept writing histories as though nothing happened. Aside from routine local floods (such as the Nile which flooded every year) they didn't even mention it. Not even a "oh btw we're 5 miles underwater and we're all dead" or anything. Now that's dedication. Still, you'd think they could at least mention...humidity...or something.
Two other cultures I'd like to give props to are Sumer and Indus valley for writing their histories before, during, and after this supposed global flood as though it never happened. Much hardier folk than the people of today, surely. Modern writers always stop writing when they can't breathe and are crushed to a pulp.

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