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Author Topic:   Noahs Flood
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11-08-2009 11:02 AM
Reply to: Message 13 by Peg
10-27-2009 2:37 AM

Re: A flood of flood mythes.
In order to find evidence of a 'global' flood, surely we'd need every area of earth tested. I wouldnt expect to find a global flood by looking at just north americal. However, there is evidence of great flooding in that region.
Exactly. The existence of any one datable site that shows no evidence of a flood destroys forever the idea of the biblical flood.
The esistence of local floods is of no help, and, so far, no-one has any evidence of anything other that local flooding.
It is worth noting that some cultures have no flood legends: most notably Egypt, who seemingly managed to survive unchanged despite being underwater throughout the biblical flood without having noticed this minor fact.

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