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Understanding through Discussion

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Author Topic:   Scientific method biased..?
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11-19-2009 1:50 AM

In the thread What is the point of this forum? Slevesque has argued that the scientific method is biased towards a particular outcome. I disagree with this. Because it is off-topic in that thread, I'm starting up this one to discuss this further.
First let me give a summation of what I think the scientific method is.
1)You gather data.
2)You use that data to form a hypothesis.
3)You make a prediction with your hypothesis.
4)You do an experiment/gather more data to verify this prediction.
5)Depending on the outcome of the experiment, you either adapt, discard, or leave your hypothesis as is.
6)Return to step 3, rinse repeat...
Now, Slevesque, where in there does bias show it's ugly head?

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