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Author Topic:   Has natural selection really been tested and verified?
Dr Adequate
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12-01-2009 5:19 AM

Well, here's my summary.

Bolder-dash is an entirely typical example of a creationist, in that he is obsessed by a subject that he is not interested in. He wants to rant and rave about biology, but he's never even been interested enough to learn what the terms that biologists use actually mean.

And we've tried to spell it out to him. But he's expended thousands of words in ranting against biology, and yet when we try to explain biology to him, or even try to explain what the words that biologists use actually mean, he goes into hysterics. Not only does he not know what he's talking about, but he is frightened and angry if anyone tries to explain to him what he's talking about.

This is why I praise creationists such as slevesque and wumpini. Some of you might say that they are wrong and ignorant, but I should reply that they are trying to be right and knowledgeable.

Bolder-dash, on the other hand, is trying to be ignorant and wrong. And I believe that he has succeeded.

Should we clap?

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12-01-2009 6:48 AM

Closing Time
Thanks for your participation, everyone! Closing this one down.

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