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Author Topic:   Landmark gay marriage trial starts today in California
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08-06-2010 5:33 PM

fundamental right to marry
One thing I will say:

A few years ago when gay marriage was being discussed in this forum, there were those who were insisting that marrying the person of your choice is not a fundamental right under US law.

Judge Walker's decision (if I understand it correctly) in this case is that, yes, marrying the person of your choice is a fundamental right under US law and custom. Except in cases where the state can show a compelling interest in restricting that right, it is protected under the 14th Amendment. Therefore, since the proponents for Prop 8 failed to show a compelling state interest in preventing gay marriage, gays do have a fundamental right to marry.

I'm bringing this up because it seems that a major argument (marriage not being a fundamental right) that some were using is invalidated, and I think it would be interesting to see the reaction of the anti-gay marriage crowd.

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