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Author Topic:   If complexity requires design, where did the Deity come from?
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06-26-2010 3:28 PM
Reply to: Message 64 by dennis780
06-26-2010 2:48 PM

Re: 2nd law again. Do creos never learn anything?
One could also argue that snowflakes are not ordered, since no two are alike, and would be a prime example of extreme entropy.
Extreme entropy? Hmmm, so you are saying that 10kg of water vapour has lower entropy than 10kg of snowflakes? Are you sure? And yet which do you think looks more ordered...? The 2nd law is not for amateurs and is certainly not some observational bullshit about "order" and "disorder".
Chemical change due to temperature is not order. It is a physical law.
Then I guess you better define "order" so we know what you are talking about...

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09-04-2010 6:31 PM
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09-01-2010 2:42 AM

Re: "Thermo" means heat
Since the sun introduces ultraviolet rays, that are harmful (minus plants and other organisms that can harness the energy), entropy should increase over time.
that's a great mix of bullshit. The Sun produces the vast majority of its output in the visible range - that's why it's visible! Much of the UV is filtered out as we well know.
The important point is that the Sun's energy arrives in the visible and is re-radiated in the infrared. That means there's a hell of a lot more photons radiated by the Earth than arrive on the Earth from the Sun. The emitted photons carry away many more degrees of freedom than arrive and so the local entropy decrease apparent in Evolution is miniscule compared to overall entropy increase.
The "low entropy" photons enter the life-cycle through photosynthesis, and thus help drive the whole process of evolution. Simple.

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